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Minggu, 10 Mei 2009

Luna Maya - Big Smile

I guess recently, the most beautiful girl in Indonesia is Luna Maya. Even "the Cangcuters" compliment her on its lyric. And here we go again…the big smile of Luna Maya!

In bed with Luna Maya

In bed with Luna Maya? I know you guys want it so bad! This picture is cool. BTW, who took that pillow next to Luna? Who gave that silly idea? It's so annoying!

Luna Maya Got Licked

Unknown Girl: Hmm...slurp... did you clean your ears, Luna. It's salty. But... it's OK. I like it!Luna Maya: YA IYA LAH, BO! Three times a day! Did you clean your TEETH and TONGUE? What did you say? Salty? It's my sweat, idiot! hi...hi...hi... don't stop it! Oooooh yeaaaaach!Unknown Girl: Ooops! Sorry I forgot...Luna Maya: You forgot? Forgot what?Unknown Girl: Brushing my teeth!Luna Maya: Never mind, say cheese to the camera! Cheeeeeeese...!!Unknown Girl: Ts@#%czecheeeezzzz!!

Video: Luna Maya & Ariel Peterpan Wore Similar Shoes

Video: Luna Maya & Ariel Peterpan Wore Similar Shoes
It was a little bit uproar when Olga matched Luna Maya and Ariel Peterpan shoes at "Dahsyat" Music Show yesterday. Ariel and Luna wore similar shoes. Both white and similar model. He...he...he... maybe it was a sign for them both to dating back?

Celebrity Pencil Portraits [Celebrity Sketch]

Please don't blame it on this dude if celebrities on the portrait is so different or even ugly. This is a sketch. I know it's so hard to draw portraits using pencil. It's not easy. Not like using digital camera .

Ariel Peterpan & Luna Maya Caught Together!

Thanks to Indonesia's PAPARAZZO! Finally we got a little evidence. It's seems Ariel Peterpan & Luna Maya together again! They were caught when they both went to bathstores at Jalan Panglima Polim, Jakarta. Ariel and Luna then rushed to Luna's Toyota Harrier [licence plate B 211 UM] and escaped from the PAPARAZZO


Luna Maya Is So Smart

I really want to kick people who said "Luna Maya is dumb" right on their asses! They are totally wrong, because Luna maya is smart . I really like to watch Luna to hosts music program "dahsyat" together with Olga and Raffi Ahmad. Only smart GIRLS can do ALL THOSE JOKES!
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